Hot flashes are one of the most reliable signals that you’re entering perimenopause or are in menopause.

Hot flashes can be simply bothersome but for many women they’re downright debilitating, feeling like a raging inferno of youth going down in flames.

When hot flashes happen at night they’re called night sweats, and they can interfere with a good nights sleep for years, triggering a slew of other troublesome symptoms (brain fog, fatigue, mood disorders, poor diet, etc.)



You’re in good company if you’re among women who want to try every option before resorting to HRT. But if you have to, the good news is that (bio-identical) HRT is has been proven safe for most women and is effective in dramatically reducing or even eliminating debilitating hot flashes and night sweats. 

Discuss your hot flash symptoms with your primary care physician to see if bio-identical HRT is a good option for you. Don’t suffer longer than you have to!