About Me

About Me

It’s that age-old story: On the outside things looked great - I was at the top of my career, working hard, traveling throughout Europe, based in Chamonix in the French Alps. 

On the inside however, I changed from the women who had climbed the highest mountain in Europe and enjoyed adventure and travel with friends and family, to someone I could not recognize. Many of my girlfriends expressed similar feelings that they were “losing who they were” and felt powerless to stop it.

And these feelings were on top of the physical burden of perimenopause - debilitating fatigue, insomnia, hot flashes. 

I had NO clue that Peri/Menopausal changes could start as early as in my 40’s but it was becoming clear that being a woman in your 40’s and 50’s often was a confusing and lonely time of frightful change. 

So to find answers, I threw myself into evidence based research. As a widely published academic researcher I scoured peer reviewed medical journals. I also sought out a support team; an integrative care MD who specialized in Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement as well as a compounding pharmacist, as if my life depended on it. 

And it worked. 

Armed with research, a balanced lifestyle, low stress, and bioidentical hormone therapy, I felt like I had cracked the menopause code and in doing so had created a blueprint for others. My mission since then has been to break the taboo around Peri/Menopause with the Menopositivity Movement.


We're all about opening up the discussion with a community of women with evidence-based research summaries and quick reference guides.

This empowers women to work as a team with their doctor to thrive-during peri/menopausal changes.